RAS Happy Tail: Pixie

This is Pixie, our little tuxedo kitty. She was adopted from RAS in April at 8 weeks old. She is napping with her favorite bud, Romeo. He is also an RAS alumni from April of 2009. Pixie loves to cuddle with Romeo, and he tolerates it. Kind of like sisters and brothers – Romeo gives me that look – “mom, she’s touching me!!”, but doesn’t move away from her. My husband calls Pixie an (excuse my French) “ass pistol”. She runs around like a speeding bullet, sometimes between your legs while you’re walking – makes for an interesting moment. Our 13 year old cat sits on her perch and watches her like she’s watching a tennis match. Pixie has brought much laughter and joy to our home, and more life to our 10 year old Romeo, 8 year old Lucy and 13 year old Meeses. Thanks for saving her for us!