Cat Car

Bang on Your Hood, Save a Life!

Written by Shireen Abbasey Haynes

During the cold winter months, cats often look for shelter from the elements.   One of the warmest spots can be found right in your car’s engine.  Unsuspecting people may start their cars not knowing that there is a kitty inside.  When that happens, the results can be catastrophic.  These injuries are most often the result of the fan belt when it begins rotating at top speeds.  Lacerations, fractures, head trauma, internal injuries, amputations and even death can occur.  Cats caught in car motors should have veterinary care as soon as possible.  A cat may run off but have internal injuries.

A sure-fire way to prevent this from happening to your cat is to keep it indoors.  Please be aware, though, that there may be other cats in the neighborhood looking for a cozy spot. When you go out to start your car, please take a moment to bang on the hood of the car or honk your horn.  Both of these methods will be sure to wake up and startle a sleeping feline.