RAS Happy Tail: Luna

Here is the Happy Tail for our girl Luna, formerly known as Clemintine! We adopted Luna back in early November when she was underweight, very timid around people, terrified of the outdoors, and didn’t seem interested in playing. Despite her skiddish demeanor my boyfriend and I saw how sweet she seemed and loved how gentle she was with my four year old son on their visit. We thought with a little love she would learn to come out of her shell and embrace her new life. We decided to welcome Luna into our little family and watching her transition from a scared, tail tucked girl to a loveable, snuggly, energetic dog, now full of life, has been amazing. We are so thankful to have found Luna and would encourage anyone looking to adopt to not only check out Rochester Animal Services (the staff was wonderful ), but not to overlook the shy or scared dogs who may require a little more work in the beginning; in our experience they are very worth it. Thank you to the wonderful staff at RAS who made our first time adopting an easy and awesome experience. We are truly blessed to have Luna in our lives! – Livia Grace