Dog Laptop

The Power of Social Media

Written by Shireen Abbasey Haynes

Everybody loves a happy ending.  And that’s exactly what Shannon Chatterton and her family were hoping for when their dog, Gore, disappeared.

On July 15, 2015, Shannon and her husband, Justin, were at the hospital delivering their daughter, Frankie, when a delivery truck crashed in their yard.  Their two year old Mastiff mix, Gore, escaped through the opening in the fence.

The Chattertons adopted Gore from a friend in October 2013 when he was about seven weeks old.  Shannon describes him as an active, playful, friendly dog.  Fast forward two years and in November of 2015, Animal Control officers picked up a stray dog in the City near the Irondequoit border.  The dog was taken to Rochester Animal Services (RAS) and once impounded; he was named “Logan”.

Rochester Animal Services volunteers frequently scour and post to social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Craigslist to search ads for missing dogs in hopes of reuniting them with their owners.  Pictures and videos of adoptable dogs are often shared on these sites.  A volunteer posted a video of Gore that was shared to the Facebook page, “Rochester Dogs Lost and Found.”

It was on this site that Gore was found after 4 months of being away from home.  Shannon and her family never stopped looking for Gore.  They checked Craigslist and various other social media websites often.  They stopped in frequently to RAS to see if Gore had been turned in or picked up as a stray.

When Shannon first found him on the Facebook page, immediately she wondered how long he had been at RAS and where had he been the whole time.  They came down first thing in the morning the day to see if it was, in fact, their dog.  “Gore was very happy to see us.  His body language said it all,” says Shannon.  “We wanted to make sure it was him but we knew it all along.  We could tell by his bark and his looks.”


Gore has now settled back into his home and routine.  He seems content and happy, according to Shannon.  Shannon is grateful to have her boy back.  “We never stopped looking for him.  It’s still unbelievable that he is home after all that time.  Someone had obviously cared for him because he was well-fed and his nails were trimmed.  He was found only two blocks from our house.”

Social media can be a powerful source.  It can disseminate information quickly to many different people.  The next time you are on a social media site, like Facebook, and you are asked to “share” a picture or a post of a dog or cat in need, please do.  You never know what kind of a difference you can make.

Shannon, Justin and their three children can attest to the power of social media.  If it wasn’t for this phenomenon; they might not have Gore back today.