Ron And Dog Kisses

National Animal Care and Control Appreciation Week is April 10-16.

National Animal Care and Control Appreciation Week is April 10-16. The dedicated men and women who work in the animal control field have a difficult job rescuing and protecting helpless pets and animals, facing dangerous animals, and helping the community properly care for their pets.  We thank them for their dedication to our community and to the animals that live it!

Amy Chip and Tag RTO 2 Amy holding Chi with Owner 2

Andy in van Paul with retriever

Rachel giving biscuit Ron and dog kisses

A few of the Rochester Animal Services Animal Control Officers carrying out their daily duties

Here is the story of Hennessey who is on her way to a Happy Tail thanks to the RAS Animal Control Officers.

On March 3, 2016, Animal Control Officer Greg Emerick picked up a contained stray that was reported by a citizen who claimed to have found the dog in an alley.  The finder placed the dog into the Animal Services van wrapped in a sheet.

Upon intake at the Animal Services Center, ACO Emerick asked Assistant Supervisor Amy Bianchi to look at the dog as it did not look well.  They noted that the dog was severely emaciated and had a curling ribbon tied around its left rear foot.  The foot was raw and swollen with bone exposed.  It is likely that the dog had been chewing on its own foot.  The dog could not stand on its own and weighed 27 lbs at about a year old.

Shelter Veterinarian Dr. Andy Newmark examined the dog with assistance from Bianchi and took pictures for evidence.  Supervisor Tom Shannon immediately contacted the Humane Society of Rochester and Monroe County’s Law Enforcement Division whose investigator responded to the shelter.  Pictures and reports were provided to the investigator and there is  an open investigation.

Dr. Newmark amputated the leg the next day due to the severity of injury.  Shelter veterinary staff cared for the dog during the day and ACO  Denise Lybrand and Bianchi cared for her in the evening to make sure she got small frequent meals and stayed comfortable and dry.

hennessy 2

hennessy IMG_20160402_195132972

The dog now named Hennessey is now doing well and gaining weight, currently weighing 30 lbs. She is in foster care with the hope of finding a new home once she is well again.