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RAS Happy Tail: Coco

Here is a Happy Tail for Coco, formerly known as Mimiz. Coco was adopted into her new home with her new sister Cubby.

“Just thought I would share with you, we adopted our dog from you guys almost two years ago and she’s absolutely  wonderful. Got her tattooed on me the other day, hers a photo 🙂

These two are inseparable! Took this tonight, after getting up from the couch for five minutes, and came back to see this. Snuggly spot stealers! 🙂

She’s a wonderful addition to our family, and has really come out of her shell. Took her to the vet today for her check up and a few shots, and she’s happy and healthy. Thanks again for all you do for animals, you are all good people at Verona St.”-Matt

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