Small Butterscotch

Social Media Saves the Day….Again

In our last newsletter, we brought you the story of Gore also known as Logan while he was at Rochester Animal Services.  Gore had been missing from his family for four months before his video was spotted on a social media website.  His family immediately knew it was him and came to Rochester Animal Services to redeem him. 

This is the story of Butterscotch, a cat who was reunited with his family after 225 days away.  This is written in his owner, David John’s own personal words.


From David John:
“Missing 225 Days….
Hope, a powerful word! A word that can change over time. Our family has lived in two neighborhoods where our neighbors have been introduced to a cat with a personality, named Butterscotch. Butterscotch loves people and dogs, greeting them to say “Hello” on our walks. He loves a backyard fire and/or party whether it is in our yard or the neighbor’s. These neighbors have expressed their enjoyment of Butterscotch’s visits.

Our much loved cat suspiciously disappeared on July 15, 2015. We had hoped Butterscotch would return but as the months passed hope was quickly replaced by grief. My children were heart broken, my wife and I too. Could it be that our cat was taken from us? He would never run away.
225 days had passed without knowing the fate of Butterscotch.

Then a friend of my wife saw a picture posted on the Rochester Animal Shelter Facebook page. She never met Butterscotch but saw this orange cat and thought she would reach out to my wife. We looked at the pictures and the comments about this cat on Facebook, reading how he nibbles and gives head butts. He even wins over dog lovers. The shelter named the cat Grant but we felt this could be our Butterscotch.

I had hope! With a bounce in my step I entered the Shelter at Verona Street and looked at a cat that looked like Butterscotch. He had no reaction when I went to his cage. After he was found on a front porch in the city his tail had to be amputated, due to puncture wounds. His paws had burn wounds on them. His spark for life was missing, as he had been in a cage for over a month and experienced more than we’ll ever know. I needed my wife and children to see this cat. When my wife arrived she began to cry, she knew this was our Butterscotch. We were overwhelmed with joy.

I couldn’t wait to get Butterscotch home. I knew our dog would be thrilled to see his buddy again. At first Butterscotch was skittish, nervous and just wanted to hide. I wish I could teach him to talk to ask him what happened. If he had a tail maybe he could point to the cause and the paths of the last 225 days.

Butterscotch has been home now for a week. His paws are healing and the fur near his removed tail has begun to grow, yet he is slow to venture around the house as he used to. He has lost his swagger and confidence. We know he may never be the same cat as he is damaged and scared because of the abuse he surely suffered. Despite this, our feeling of hope will continue as we pray for him to heal fully.

We are also full of gratitude. I give thanks to the city home owner who brought Butterscotch to the shelter. I give thanks to the Veterinarian who performed the surgery and made the choice to give him a chance to live and to reunite our family. I have thanks for the staff at Verona Street Animal Services. I give thanks to Facebook pictures and post. I give thanks for Butterscotch. Thank you for being a survivor. Prayers do get answered. My family is truly blessed. Welcome home Butterscotch.”