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Two are better than one

Written by Shireen Abbasey Haynes.

Animals, like humans, are social creatures.   They often seek out and enjoy the company of other animals.  Bonded animals can be siblings, parent-child or they can be animals who have lived together in one home.  While it is more than just living together in physical proximity, animals that are bonded together, have a healthy and balanced relationship.

When the bond between animals is broken, some may experience grief-like behaviors.  They may be become listless, lack energy and have limited motivation to eat, play or interact.  Less confident or special needs animals may also rely on a companion animal to guide them with appropriate behavior and proper interactions.

At Rochester Animal Services, we frequently accept bonded animals.  We do our utmost to ensure that these pairs will get adopted into a forever home together.  We always offer “two-fur-one” specials on our cats all year-round and in some special circumstances, have offered the same for bonded dogs who have come in to the shelter together.  When considering our bonded pairs, please think about what it would mean to separate two companions.

While most people think that adopting a bonded pair will double the expense and work, there are many benefits in adopting two animals at the same time:

  1. They can keep each other entertained.
  2. Play time is any time.
  3. They are less likely to engage in destructive behaviors, which is most often the direct result of boredom.
  4. They can abate separation anxiety that may occur when left alone.
  5. Research has shown that animals who live with other animals live longer and healthier lives.

The bonds between animals are quite heartwarming and endearing.  When you adopt a bonded pair, you get twice the unconditional love.  We rejoice when any animal is adopted from us but we hold a special place in our hearts for those adopters who open their hearts and their homes to not one, but two animals.