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RAS Happy Tail: Bailey

Here is a Happy Tail for Bailey.

“My name is Sarah, and I adopted Bailey from RAS on May 21rst.  I  just wanted to share with your organization how unbelievably happy my family is with Bailey. She was ready to join right into our family the minute I brought her home! I had brought my other dog, Elvis, in for a meeting with her and they got along really well, so I had high hopes from that moment on.


Bailey is a really, really good dog and I can’t believe my good luck in finding her.She’s affectionate, sweet, playful, gentle, smart, friendly and listens so well. I’ve found she loves car rides, noisy dog toys and playing tug of war. Mostly, she seems to love other beings, whether it’s people or other animals – at every living thing she comes across, her ears perk up and she seems to think “oh good – another opportunity for a new friend!”
About 10 days after she came home with us, I had surgery. I couldn’t wait to go home to my family, Bailey included – after that short time having her, I was already attached! She has been a great recovery partner. She loves to curl up on the bed while I’m resting, often with some part of her touching me, whether it’s using me like a pillow or just touching my foot with her paw.


I often think about the family that had to give her up and think they must have treated her well for her to be the way she is. It was my understanding that they had to give her up because of some really unfortunate circumstances and my heart hurts for them. I can’t even imagine having to give up this dog. I would be absolutely heartbroken.  Sometimes, I wish there was a way for them to know that we kept the name they gave her and that she is very loved.


I was sent some photos that were taken at the shelter and I love them….I actually looked at them on the website over and over during the week I was considering her adoption. I’m including a few of my own so that you can see how well she has adjusted in such a short time. In two of them, you see her with her new brother Elvis, and how comfortable they are together.

So thank you for the work that you do! I wish every animal could find a family that loves them as much as we love Bailey.” – Sarah