Presidents Message

President’s Message: Fall 2016

Written by Jennifer Brown, Founder and President of VSAS.


As we come towards the close of another year, it is always fun to look back on all the accomplishments that have happened for VSAS including taking over the Foster Program for Rochester Animal Services, another successful Fast and Furriest Race and of course, so much support by the Rochester Community both by helping us get to record numbers on RAS’s live release rate to a ton of third party fundraising events put on by wonderful local businesses and generous supporters of Rochester’s animals.

As we look forward to 2017 and what is in store for VSAS, we are excited about expanding our reach and support through additional initiatives, growing our support base and making even more of an impact on the lives of Rochester’s animals and their Rescue Families and companions.

Between now and then, focusing on having a safe and enjoyable holiday season for all should be the MO. Keeping cold temperatures in mind that are just around the corner, travel preparation and consideration for all members of the family, the stress created from many places/many faces and how we can all be most successful in living fulling and well-rounded lives.

Pets provide an amazing opportunity for people to connect with loving furry (or fur-less) hearts and there’s no better time to celebrate that relationship than during the holiday season.

Keep in mind all the perils and temptations that your pet may face from tinsel consumption to poisonous poinsettias and always provide them a safe and quiet space to get away from the crowd when your hosting get together.

Wishing you and yours a Warm and Happy Holiday Season!

Jennifer Brown

President, VSAS