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Support Verona Street Animal Society’s Annual Appeal

Rochester Animal Services (RAS) and Verona Street Animal Society (VSAS) are both celebrating a recent milestone that a few years ago we could only dream of. In December 2016, we were able to achieve a nearly 93% save rate for the month. This is statistic is near and dear to us and represents the percent of incoming animals that are returned to
owners, transferred to rescue partners, or adopted to new homes. For comparison, in 2015, our average rate was about 78% and in 2014 our rate was about 72%. This rate increase is due to programs like our community outreach which enable Rochester Animal Services representatives to help animals and people while the pets are still in their neighborhoods and provide resources to keep the animals healthy and happy in their homes.

VSAS has provided funding for enrichment, dog play yard, foster program, adoption events and raised awareness through marketing, public relations, social media, email communications and web presence.

Thanks to a lot of hard work by the RAS staff and volunteers, and the support from VSAS and generous donors like you, RAS sterilized 2,000 animals and had a live save rate of more than 87% for 2016.

Here are some more proud achievements from the past year:
  • Rochester Animal Services cared for nearly 3,400 animals in 2016 and achieved an annual save rate of more than 87% through adoptions, transfers and returns to owners.
  • The Fast & The Furriest® Race, Walk & Pet Fest raised over $70,000 to help Rochester Animal Service better meet the needs of our homeless pets. The event attracted 628 runners and over 200 dog walkers
  • During the event clinic, we administered 200 rabies vaccines and 200 DAP-P vaccines and implanted 100 microchip identification tags.
  • The Play Yard at Rochester Animal Services marked its third full year of operation. Play groups are staffed by volunteers and continue to help assess behavior, provide exercize and enrichment, and socialize the adoptable dogs in our care.
  • More than 2,100 spay/neuter surgeries were performed at the Animal Services Center including 293 pets of low-income households and 80 community cats.
  • We facilitated no-cost spay/neuter surgeries for over 200 pets in underserved neighborhoods and over 140 community cats via a grant from the Best Friends Animal Society.
  • More than 25 fundraisers were held by sponsors, donors and volunteers aimed at engaging our community and gaining awareness of the adoptable animals at Rochester Animal Services.
  • More than 30 off-site adoption events were held, getting our adoptable animals out into the community where they could socialize and connect with potential adopters.
  • The Verona Street Animal Society Foster Program cared for and placed 92 dogs and 111 cats.

We are so thankful for the generous contributions that allow us to provide the best possible care for stray and disowned animals while finding permanent homes for them. Although we are pleased with our many accomplishments and enhancements, we are not content to sit back and function with the status quo. It is our hope that you will be able to help us continue to improve the care and services RAS provides.

It is our honor to be able to work every day to help the animals and citizens in our community. We strive to make Rochester not only the best place to live, work, and raise a family, but also the best place for pets. This is the goal of both VSAS and RAS but we need your support to reach these goals.

As a municipal animal care and control agency, Rochester Animal Services provides an invaluable service to the community by sheltering homeless animals and lost pets, providing low-income spay and neutering services, informing the public on animal overpopulation solutions and helping owners give and get the best from their pets.

Verona Street Animal Society is a 100% volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that assists RAS efforts that cannot be achieved with the City’s operating budget alone. Your charitable gift is tax deductible and goes directly towards the mission of RAS of saving lives and providing comfort to the animals that depend on us.

You can make an online donation, if you prefer. Just visit www.premium-verse.flywheelsites.com/donate and click on the PayPal link. We are eagerly awaiting your donation as more cats and dogs needing our help are arriving at RAS each day.