Spring Has Sprung!

Spring Has Sprung
Michele H. Martell

With the onset of warmer weather, we have even more opportunities to take our furry friends for walks outside. Walks are a wonderful and essential activity for our fur babies – the exercise, bonding time and opportunities to check out new scents to satisfy their innate curiosities. With the snow melting and wildlife becoming more active, there are lots of new animal smells and trails for our doggies to naturally want to explore.

Depending on the type of dog you have, they may find the new scents to be irresistible. For example, my rescue beagles are natural-born hunters. When they get on the trail of an animal, all bets are off as to their attention on anything else.

Year-round, it is critical to have dogs identified, both with tags and microchipping. All dogs are required to wear license tags which can be obtained from your town or city clerk’s office. In addition to serving as identification, dog licenses also support rabies control, enable access to dog parks, and help support animal care programs and services including spay and neuter, pet adoptions, lost pet reunification with owners, shelter operations, and pro-active outreach in underserved neighborhoods.

Microchips are a permanent method of identifying your pet. Check with your vet or local animal shelter as there may be special promotions to perform these simple and potentially life-saving procedures for your pet. Additionally, traditional dog tags with your phone number are imperative to wear on the collar. If your dog gets lost, the person who finds him or her can immediately determine that the dog belongs to someone and contact you to ensure the dog goes home thereby preventing a possible accident or intake at an animal shelter.

Rochester Animal Services is required to hold an animal for a longer period of time if the animal has any researchable identification. For example, a dog or a cat that is microchipped and/or has a collar will be held for 10 days compared to the five days that an animal without any identification is held. The longer holding period gives the shelter more time to locate the owner so that they can redeem their lost pet.

My beagles took off on the scent of a rabbit during a warm day and headed into a neighbor’s backyard several blocks away. The neighbor was able to contact me by looking at my dogs’ tags. It is probable that had they not been wearing their tags, it would have taken much longer to locate my dogs, potentially placing their safety at peril. Knowing that they are licensed and microchipped gave me further peace of mind.

Having your dogs properly identified can help you to have more enjoyable spring season with one less potential worry if Fido gets loose. So make sure you have your pet identified with a microchip and tag and keep your dog license up to date.

Happy spring!

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