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United Way donations can now be designated for our Seniors for Seniors program

Happy Spring! With the coming of the new season, many local employees are given the opportunity to designate charities for their United Way donations.

We are asking for your donations to support our Seniors for Seniors program through your payroll deductions under Charity ID: 3337

Donating to this program enables any person over the age of 60 can adopt any animal over 7 years of age at no charge. The free adoption includes spay/neuter, shots, microchip, first vet visit and a free starter bag of food. New York State license fees still apply for dogs.

Research has shown that the elderly can benefit greatly from the ownership of a pet. It has been shown that those with pets have lower blood pressure and pulse rate, fewer visits to the doctor and lower incidence of depression. Additionally, seniors with pets take better care of themselves to become more active and find it easier to make friends.

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