FF2017 EK EKP4245

The Fast & The Furriest® 2017 was a great success!

The 11th annual event was a tremendous success drawing in 622 registered runners and 280 registered dog walkers to raise funding and awareness for the animal shelter.  The event resulted in adoption of 11 dogs and 2 cats.  During the event, we also administered 202 rabies and 180 DAP-P vaccines and implanted 182 microchip identification tags.

We raised over $70,000 in sponsorship, registrations, donations, and pledges for Rochester Animal Services and the Verona Street Animal Society.  Those funds will be used for purchasing supplies and services to support spay/neuter, enrichment and overall wellness of the animals at the shelter.  A portion of the proceeds will also be directed to raising awareness about Animal Services programs and initiatives.  Both projects serve our mission of helping Animal Services help people and animals throughout the community.

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