New York State Animal Rights Legislation

New York State Animal Rights Legislation
By Andy Gallant and Shireen Haynes

There are two pending bills in the New York legislature that would greatly benefit our pet population. The first bill is Assembly bill A-653 which promotes understanding, awareness and enforcement of animal crime laws by moving the statutes from the Agriculture & Markets Law to the Penal codes. This means that these crimes would now be more accessible to law enforcement and some would have stiffer penalties.
The second, Senate bill S-4273, would create a registry for anyone found guilty of animal abuse. Perpetrators would have to register with New York State and this registry would be available to anyone selling or adopting out pets including private and municipal shelters, such as Rochester Animal Services.

Unfortunately, only 10% of all bills proposed by our New York senators and assembly members ever get voted on. This is where we need your help. If enough people write their State senator and assembly person and ask that they vote on these bills, they stand a good chance of passing into law. Write or call your representatives and the Speaker of the Assembly, the Senate Majority Leader, the Chairman of the Agriculture & Markets committee and the Governor of New York. Ask them to vote to approve A-653 and S-4273.

Their links are listed below:
NYS Senate Majority Leader: John Flanagan,
NYS Assembly Speaker: Carl E. Heastie,
NYS Ag/Markets Committee Chairperson: William Magee,
NYS Governor: Andrew Cuomo,

Please write or call all of these people. Ask your family, friends, co-workers and anyone you know who resides in New York State and cares about animals to do the same. This is only the first step. We can get more laws passed by joining forces.

Another great resource for readers is the New York State Animal Protection Federation. Readers can use this website for information on current and pending legislation. They can even submit ideas for future legislation. The Action Center has a comprehensive list of current items on the Federation’s legislative agenda.