Happy Tail – Bodhi

This is my Bodhi. Summer 2016, Bodhi, (fka Maximus), came to me as a foster, through the rescue I work with. Bodhi has experienced the worst of humanity, (he was used as a bait dog), yet is THE happiest, lovingest hippo in all the land. After getting healthy, Bodhi was adopted out. I was shattered. It is always hard to say goodbye to a foster, but this time, it destroyed me.

I am a firm believer in the infinite wisdom of the Universe. Bodhi’s adopters returned him, and we gladly agreed to bring him back into our dog crew. The day Bodhi returned, I bawled like a baby, and promised that I would never let him leave again. Yep, we adopted Bodhi, and he is loved beyond anything description I could even attempt to provide.

The Universe knew that I was the perfect person to be Bodhi’s Mama; I have a big mouth, and tell his story ALL THE TIME! I take Bodhi as many places as I can, and when people ask me, which they inevitably always do, about his scars, etc., I never shy away from educating them. Bodhi also has his own Instagram, and FB profiles, where his story, experiences, etc, are told, from his perspective. His account names are, bodhi_rising. I am grateful to have been given this responsibility; I embrace it, and take it very seriously. I can never thank your staff, and volunteers, enough, for taking such great care of, and loving my sweet guy, until he found me.