Making a Difference in Dogs’ Lives

Making a Difference in Dogs’ Lives
By Grace Spampinato

When you adopt one dog from a shelter, you can really make a difference and help two – your new forever friend and the other dog that get its kennel space. Junior Lamberty was a part of that difference. He knew he was ready and prepared to adopt a dog from Rochester Animal Services (RAS).

This past July, VSAS announced that RAS had scheduled a fee-waived adoption event to take place on July 28th, thanks to a grant from Petco Foundation. Junior messaged our Facebook page and was thrilled to learn about the upcoming event. On the morning of the event, staff arrived at work at 7 am to find Junior there. He had already been there, waiting for over an hour, so he could be the first in line.

When the doors opened at 11 am, Junior walked through the lobby, smiling from ear-to-ear, thanking the staff and volunteers for this wonderful opportunity. He already knew which dog he wanted to visit with, a favorite of his named Capt. Mawpickles. Junior was so confident it would be a perfect that he came prepared with a collar and a leash. It turns out, Junior was right. It was an instant connection and he made it official by completing the adoption process.

This dog and dad duo did so well together they decided to expand their little family. On August 18, 2018, RAS offered another fee-waived event. Junior was again first in line waiting for the doors to open. He brought “Capitan” (captain in Spanish) along so Capitan could pick out his new housemate. The staff assisted with a meet and greet with a dog named Parker, now named Gutabella. It was a perfect match! Junior once again completed the adoption process and now his little family is complete. “I feel so lucky for this opportunity. I love my dogs very much.” Junior continues to stay in touch with our volunteers, sends pictures and loves to show off his dogs. Junior has trained his dogs in Spanish and it’s quite a thrill for the volunteers to see how these dogs have thrived in Junior’s care.

Within one month, Junior helped make a difference in four dogs’ lives – Capitan and Gutabella and the two dogs who were placed into those vacated kennels. Thank you to our adopters who make a difference in our animals’ lives every day!