Ouija’s Happy Tail

This is Ouija. He was originally Abner when he adopted me on March 18th, 2017. I’m an avid animal lover and almost as much a Halloween lover. I was going through the mid-20s blues: had just moved to Rochester two months prior, going through a breakup and starting a new career. I figured a kitty would be easy to maintain and keep me company so I started passively looking at the RAS website. When I saw him online, I knew I needed to set up a meet and greet. That week, he adopted me! He was naturally timid at first, but after just two days, we became the best of friends. We are now inseparable. I can’t go even six hours without going home on lunch to check in and make sure he’s got his midday dose of nummies! He especially loves seafood and will have some cool whip when he’s got a sweet tooth. He surely is my best pal and I’m confident I’m his too.☺️