Letter from the President

I often receive many questions about the distinction between Verona Street Animal Society and Rochester Animal Services. So I thought I would take the opportunity to briefly share some information about the two organizations. 

Rochester Animal Services (RAS) is the municipal animal care and control agency run by the City of Rochester. The RAS operation includes the animal shelter on Verona Street, which provides care and enrichment for stray and surrendered pets, Animal Control and Community Outreach personnel, and the Shelter Medicine team. RAS takes in unwanted and/or lost pets and works to reunite them with their families or find them new homes. There are also RAS volunteers who walk, socialize and provide enrichment to the temporary residents at the shelter. Rochester Animal Services is the organization you call when you need guidance or information about a pet you can’t take care of, or if your pet is lost, or even if you’re looking for help with spaying and neutering (they run a program for that too).

Verona Street Animal Society is the nonprofit charitable organization that provides financial and promotional support for Rochester Animal Services. We also run the Dog Foster Care Program and are always looking for ways to support the RAS mission. However, it’s important to note that VSAS is not a shelter nor does this supporting organization run any operations at the shelter. That is all run by the City of Rochester. For information related to RAS, please contact the shelter directly at 585-428-7274 or visit www.cityofrochester.gov/rochesteranimalservices.

And given the time of year, I just want to say how inspired I am by all the amazing people and animals I have met through both of these wonderful organizations. It is truly a gift.

See you in 2020!
Jennifer Brown, President, VSAS