Real Men Talking to Men – Photography campaign featuring Real Rochester Men

Verona Street Animal Society is working to highlight spay/neuter as a way to save the lives of companion and homeless cats and dogs who would otherwise be put down or die in the streets.

Real Men Talking to Men strives to reach the community about the life-saving power of pet sterilization. Real Men of Rochester such as the Red Wings players, Engine 5 Firefighters, and Knighthawk players pose with local cats and dogs to spread awareness that “real men” do the right thing. They spay and neuter their pets to control overpopulation.

In particular, many men are hesitant to neuter their dogs. A not uncommon perception expressed by men is that a neutered dog is not macho and they don’t want to alter the masculinity of their dogs. The reality is, the manly thing to do is to sterilize and save the lives of millions of dogs.

An estimated 6 to 8 million homeless animals end up in shelters each year. Less than half are adopted and the rest are euthanized. Spay/neuter is the only surefire way to control overpopulation. Additionally, neutering has other benefits. It can extend the life of your pet, reduce urine-marking, and may curb aggression, runaway incidents, and excessive barking.

The Real Men Talking to Men campaign kicked off with a photography exhibit at the Rochester Brainery on February 27, 2015. Over twenty photographs featuring Real Men of Rochester with local cats and dogs were on display. Since the exhibit, posters featuring the photos continue to be used in marketing and advertising campaigns around the city to raise awareness of the importance of spay/neuter.


There are spay/neuter programs for low-income city residents to to have their owned cats and dogs sterilized.  Residents must submit a completed application and provide proof of income and payment to schedule a surgery.  Call 428-SPAY (7729) for more information about the City of Rochester’s Low-Income Spay Neuter (LISN) program.

Here are some other alternatives.