Fostering makes a difference!

When I decided to apply to be a foster mom, it was because I wanted to do something that made a difference. My first foster was a deaf pit mix that was at the shelter, found as a stray. She looked so sad in her kennel not knowing or hearing what was going on around her. Her first night at home with me, she spent sleeping on a soft fluffy bed. She was exhausted from her experience in the shelter. Every day got a little better. She was so excited to see us come home. And seeing her looking out the window when I pulled in the driveway after work made me feel so great.. she wasn’t watching me from the kennel at the shelter.. It was a learning experience for both of us. Her forever home was out there somewhere… it took time and perseverance… Hearing from her forever home how well she is doing always makes me smile.. She’s happy and healthy, with a forever family that loves her. Fostering gave her a great start to her forever family. You can’t change a shelter dogs past but you can help foster their future.


Finding the perfect fit for Lady Luna

“Lady” aka Lady Luna. She was a foster through Verona Street Animal Society; we saw her bio on VSAS website and fell in love! I told my boyfriend I need to meet her as soon as possible. That Monday I went into the shelter, not knowing what a foster meant because I was so excited. I looked around and I didn’t see her. I thought she was already adopted. Then I thought why don’t I call VSAS to ask what is a foster animal and is Miss Lady still available. I found out that a foster is when someone provides a temporary home, encourages the development and growth of the animal, while looking for a forever home. I gave the shelter a call, she was still available to adopt! We found out that she had a waiting list and there was one person ahead of us. We anxiously awaited to find out if we still had the chance to meet her, then I got a call from one of the foster coordinators informing us that it was not a good fit for her and that we could meet her! So they asked me what caught my eye with Miss Lady. I said “she looks so sweet, loving and is absolutely beautiful! I loved the description that was up and I fell in love”. They asked what my living conditions were (which I thought was great) and told us a little more about her. Then I got a call from Lady’s foster mom to figure out a good time to meet, we planned to meet up a week later. The foster mom said if I had any questions I could call her or text her. As the week went by I was asking her all these questions about her and she was sending me pictures of Lady, the foster mom was awesome and so helpful! That Saturday late afternoon we met with Lady, the foster mom and the foster coordinator. Lady came right up to us and started licking us, she felt right at home. The foster mom and coordinator thought it was a perfect fit. My boyfriend and I just had to finalize everything with our landlord. The shelter wasn’t open until that Monday on Memorial Day; as soon as they opened we went right down to the shelter to fill out the paper work to adopt her. At last she was ours!! VSAS gave us all these goodies and coupons to start us off. We were able to get her a dog tag and a bag of food for free from Pet$aver!! The whole experience was awesome. VSAS was beyond helpful and were FOREVER grateful for helping us rescue Lady Luna!