Take the Biscuit Challenge

The challenge is simple!

Take a Video

  • Announce that you are taking the Biscuit Challenge to help Rochester’s shelter pets.
  • Nominate three of your friends (call them out by name!) to take the challenge.
  • Your friends must donate to help pets or post a video of themselves eating a dog biscuit (or both!) within 72 hours.
  • Ask them to challenge 3 more friends in their video.


eat-it-dog get-biscuit my-biscuit

Have Fun!

  • Show your friends what it’s like to eat a dog biscuit!
  • You might want to have a beverage on hand to help wash the biscuit down.
  • Maybe your own pet will join you and share a biscuit.
  • The more memorable your video, the better!

Share Your Video

  • Post your video on all of your social media platforms and tag the friends you’ve challenged!
  • Use the hashtag #VSASBiscuitChallenge
  • Ask friends to donate to Verona Street Animal Society. You can use this link:

Facebook Round Instagram round Twitter round Youtube round

If You Don’t Dine, You can Still Donate!

  • Take a video of yourself making a donation at post with the hashtag #VSASBiscuitChallenge
  • Or you can use this graphic to post online – right click to download


Dog Biscuits

Whatever your flavor preferences or dietary needs, there’s a dog biscuit out there for you! We’ve collected a variety of recipes here, including sweet (peanut butter, honey and banana) and savory (cheddar cheese and bacon); gluten-free; vegan and vegetarian! Get some ideas here, search for your own recipes, or just munch one of your own dog’s favorite treats – it’s up to you.

Good luck!



VSAS  would like to thank the Oregon Humane Society who created the Biscuit Challenge.  To learn more about the Oregon Humane Society, please visit.