By giving to the Verona Street Animal Society in memory or in honor of a loved family member, friend, or pet, you may find a way to express the caring spirit of your loved one while helping to ensure the success of your animal shelter. Friends of VSAS have also made donations in lieu of traditional favors for their wedding or birthday party. Regardless of the occasion, each donation positively impacts VSAS and Rochester Animal Services.

Thank you to the following friends who made contributions.

For information about making a donation or if your name has been misspelled or omitted from the list, please contact us via email. It is very important to us that our generous donors are properly recognized.


Beverly Saunders
Dell Hutchins
Matthew Straton
Francis Fox
John Palermo
Arlene Snell
Esther Less
Ronald J Carey
Catherine L. Frank
Jeff Chafitz
Darnell Edward Terry
Duke, Tammie, Brandy, Maggie & Sissy
Darnell Edward Terry
Patrick T Wells
Epsilon Neeley
Mabel DeRutter
Anubis Piper
Barbara Burgess
Joanne Catallo
Sam Curran
Allie Albin
Alla Demydenko
Donald Cousineau
Alma Moretti
Jake Toole
Michael Chiazza
Jesse Coccia
George Witzel
Betty Leo
Ronnie Shefrin
Frizzy James Burke
Jesse Coccia
Buddy Schantz
Patricia Carnahan
Pat Carnahan (Aunt Pat)
Rose Booth
Valerie Ann Searles
Monica Pike
Mary Kross
Garrett Foster
Jason Park
Lola Heidweiller
Phyllis Haag
Hoard Deconinck
Eamon Callanan
David Klos Family Memorial Fund
Amy Sullivan
Doreen Bertolone
Charles Mendelson
Nancy Mastrodonato
Harland E. Thayer Jr.
Francis Winslow
Karen Ackerman
Bob Moore
Ollie Randall
Ciro Colletta
Ameio Graziano
Eleanor Morris
Maureen Femiano

Beloved pets:
Austin Morrison
Petey Beaudrault
Pam Keim
George Stubbe
Bandit Wright
Sampson Powers
Penny Rossi
Max Bleier
Riley Hickey
Eico Zaidel
Sunshine Bialaszewski
Daisy Bialaszewski
Sammy (canine)
Rosco Palumbo, beloved canine
“Sammy” Curran
“Boostie” Rozelli
Cooper/Woidat Family’s Mocha
Rice & Alsten
Daisy & Penny
Chloe & Rosebud
Clove, Sam, Peter, Farley
In honor of Rufus
Harvey Winter
Angie Warner
Tiggs Stadt
Holly, Redford, Trouble, and Storm
Gordie Siletto
In honor the life of Patches, Mike Destefano’s beloved cat
In memory of Bailey
Ellie’s Memory
Jonah & Binx
In Honor of Big Lu
In memory of Shaylee
In Memory of Homer for Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Block from Middletown, RI
Bailey Muoio
In honor of Libby (adopted DEC13), for her pibble kin
Parker Henry Shafer for Kathy Shafer
Sable for Liz Kowaluk
Mufasa for Dulcy Lecour
Cody for Adrea Miller
Snowy for Carrie Andrews
Archie for Nancy Andrews
Rocky Kords
Piper Clark
Ollie Richards
Mika & Maya
Faith Wolf
Dr. Brook’s beloved Comet
Baci Ricci
Abby Johnson
In memory of dear old Yogi


Riley Rademacher
County Line Animal Hospital
Kimberly I. Shimomura, Esq.
Lizzy Bialaszewski
Lorie Ruethel
Jennifer Brown
Deborah Schenk (for her birthday)
Anne Marie & Paul Milazzo’s 40th Wedding Aniversary
Mamma Rayne
Sable’s Birthday
Danielle Witt
Melissa Orioli
Jackson Frenzel
Cristina Buttrill
Chickadee, Juju & Lilly
Melinda Hartman
Bernie, Bailey, Norton, Jax and Eddy
Gadget (Tiger)
Ryan H.
Esther Mackey
Shelly Collins
Neko (cat)
To honor my sister, Ann Kubus, who lovingly volunteers at VSAS, Inc.
Thank you for my Chester
In honor of Jo Ann Arcarese
In honor of Annalise Mothersell


Mr. & Mrs. Brian Haschmann
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Canzano
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Fitzgerald
Liz Tabone & Steph Specht
Richard Colombo
On behalf of Mike Ragusa
Jordan and Cara
Mr & Mrs G Wilson Thomas II


Trina’s 2nd Birthday
Lydia Culbert
Debra Markart’s Birthday
Diedra Kirk
Carolyn T. Block
Claire Geiser
Ann Marie’s 60th Birthday
Ladybug, Cricket & Betsy Ross
Ellen Beisheim’s Birthday
Tanvi Asher’s Birthday
Amethyst Powers
Tracy Dinan’s Birthday
Simon Smith’s Birthday
Gift on behalf of Paul & Vicki Tomblin
Happy 11th Birthday, Gabe Bennett, a worthy gift to a worthy cause. Cheers, Max
On behalf of Emilio & Karen Del Plato
In honor of Carol Gwara
Karen & Michael Figliotti
Joseph Marcoccia
Barb Case’s Birthday
Ann Kubus’ Birthday
Sophie’s 10th birthday
Donna DiPaolo’s birthday
Ronald Tolster
Mark Cronin’s 50th Birthday