Two Are Better Than One

Two are better than one

Written by Shireen Abbasey Haynes. Animals, like humans, are social creatures.   They often seek out and enjoy the company of other animals.  Bonded animals can be siblings, parent-child or they can be animals who have lived together in one home.  While it…

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Swimming Safety For Dogs

Swimming Safety for Dogs

Written by Shireen Abbasey Haynes. Many dogs enjoy cooling off from the hot summer weather in the backyard pool.  It can be fun to watch Man’s Best Friend jumping in and paddling around.  But, just like with humans, swimming safety is essential…

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Will Work For Food

Will work for food

Rochester Animal Services sometimes has cats that may not be suitable for adoption as house pets. Cats in the barn and working cat program came in as strays and fall into three categories: Cats with litter box habits that make…

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Heat Exhaustion In Pets

Heat exhaustion in pets

Written by Shireen Abbasey Haynes. As temperatures rise in the summer months, cats and dogs become more susceptible to heat exhaustion or hyperthermia.  Hyperthermia, just like its polar opposite, hypothermia (low body temperature) can be fatal to our furry friends. Humans have…

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Introducing A New Pet To Your Home

Introducing a New Pet to Your Home

Written by Shireen Abbasey Haynes. As summer approaches, many people are inclined to introduce a new pet to their home.  The increased daylight hours and warm sunshine put everyone in a nice frame of mind.  The beautiful weather allows people to be…

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